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I have been a Developmental Alphabioticist for almost a quarter-century now. It has enabled me a very comfortable lifestyle. It’s definitely not your average McJob, in fact, it’s not a job at all, it is truly a rewarding career. I have had over a dozen of my own clients take the Alphabiotic Professional Training which […]

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Problems and Solutions

“That this is a first is open to debate, yet a reset-and-clear button embedded deep within the brain has been found to shower or clean the limiting information held within the nervous system and immediately shift from your unique problem-set to a solution-set so you do not keep repeating the same sh*t, different day struggle.” […]

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developmental alphabiotics

One word. Plastics. The Graduate (1967) – Developmental Alphabiotics

Developmental Alphabiotics enables the brain and nervous system to be less hard wired, facilitating the expansion of new pathways, options and increased levels of neurologic plasticity; but as long as an individual remains locked in a low level state of shock, the wisdom of the body is continually diverted to address the shock. All other […]

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I do whatever my Rice Krispies tell me to. Alphabiotic Integration

The Alphabiotic Integration involves a unique movement of the head. This choreographed and kata-like gesture is an acceleration ‘hiccup’ that generates enough momentum (translating through the alphabioticist’s contact point at the base of the skull) to create a pattern-interrupt. The mechanics of this acceleration movement may cause the spine to breathe open and expand along […]

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Honor the alphabiotic process and respect the area within the center designated for SourceAlignments by being centered, focused, on purpose with proper intent and minimal talking. Rather than just being a passive recipient, be an active: self-responsible participant: relax, center yourself, focus on a positive thought or an affirmative statement, keep your eyes closed, do […]

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It’s the Sistine (not sixteenth) Chapel and Alphabiotic Method

There is an old story of a woman who meets Michelangelo and requests that he draws her portrait. Michelangelo obliges and sketches out the woman’s portrait. As he passes the final sketch to the woman he tells her it will be four hundred thousand Lira. With a look of surprise the woman asks how he […]

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Toast Sweat

Toast Sweat Alphabiotic You know, that dew like water droplet condensation that appears on the counter top when you leave a warm piece of toast. Condensation or ‘sweat’ is a natural occurrence caused by excess humidity or water vapor present in the air. When this water vapor comes in contact with a surface which is […]

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Once Upon A Time. The Alphabiotic Avalon.

Love is within us. It cannot be destroyed, but can only be hidden. The world we knew a children is still buried within our minds. I once read a delightful book called The Mists of Avalon. The mists of Avalon are a mythical allusion to the tales of King Arthur. Avalon is a magical island […]

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Alphabioti-critique In recent years there have emerged various critical articles on the internet about Alphabiotics. When anything new comes on the scene, especially something that really delivers – yet is so almost incomprehensibly simple; it tends to meet with resistance. Anyway, these articles generally fall into two categories. First are the skeptics. Skepticism as a […]

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