Once Upon A Time. The Alphabiotic Avalon.

Love is within us. It cannot be destroyed, but can only be hidden. The world we knew a children is still buried within our minds. I once read a delightful book called The Mists of Avalon. The mists of Avalon are a mythical allusion to the tales of King Arthur. Avalon is a magical island that is hidden behind huge impenetrable mists. Unless the mists part, there is no way to navigate your way to the island. But unless you believe the island is there, the mists won’t part.
Avalon symbolizes a world beyond the world we see with our physical eyes. It represents a miraculous sense of things, the enchanted realm that we knew as children. Our childlike self is the deepest level of our being. It is who we really are and what is real doesn’t go away. The truth doesn’t stop being the truth just because we’re not looking at it. Love merely becomes clouded over, or surrounded by mental mists.

Avalon is the world we knew when we were still connected to our softness, our innocence, our spirit. It’s actually the same world we see now, but informed by love, interpreted gently with hope and faith and a sense of wonder. It’s easily retrieved, because perception is a choice. The mists part when we believe that Avalon is behind them.

And that’s what a miracle is: a parting of the mists, a shift in perception, a return to love.

From A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson.

Once Upon A Time.The Alphabiotic Avalon.

Once Upon A Time.  The Alphabiotic Avalon.

In a kingdom not so far away, stress is no longer a hot buzzword today; shock although, is. It’s constantly in the media. Most news articles only scratch the surface, while presenting at best a topical inquiry. We hope to clarify, in the blog ahead, a subject many talk about, but few truly understand…unrelieved stress and more accurately, shock – and it’s relationship to our central nervous system, specifically our brain.

Our brain is divided into two halves or hemispheres, left and right. In essence, we have two brains that make up the total picture. Years of research have shown each hemisphere to possess unique characteristics – In the left side are the abilities of verbal skills, logic, reason, sense of time and linear thought – “The bull in the china shop”. The right hemisphere contains functions of intuition, creativity, abstract thought – “The free spirit on the mountain top”.

Both halves are equally important. An easy and fluid access to each is crucial – i.e. high level whole brain function – for you to use as you wish, so that you are fully actualized as a person in touch with all the things that make you unique and special.

When we encounter a stressful situation (something of high emotional content or pain), the brain drops into a more primitive, survival mode of limbic system function. Access to one hemisphere is lost. The brain marshalls the majority of its energy into the other, now dominant hemisphere. A massive, life-energy depleting, resource depleting adreno-cortical response- the familiar “fight or flight” reaction which in reality is a low level state of shock, ensues.

The body assumes defensive posturing. A defensive physiology really. Somewhat analagous to a dog tucking its tail/tailbone when under attack. It’s as if you’re on emergency standby but there’s no emergency.

Balance becomes more than a nice sounding concept. From a biomechanical standpoint, it is a measurable, testable reality. Your brain regulates muscular tension and energy distribution throughout the neuromusculoskeletal system. The neural circuits between brain and body are roughly divided in half, with each hemisphere controlling the opposite side of the body.

In brain lateralization, we neurologically shift into our dominant hemisphere in order to allow for greater strength and contraction on one side of the body – a survival mechanism. But there is a price. When we become chronically brain-lateralized in response to constant low grade stress, the side of hte body controlled by the sub-dominant hemisphere becomes flaccid and weakened, with slower reflexes. With your muscular tension now distributed unequally, something indeed has to give. What “gives” is your physical balance.

To see how this happens, imagine a broom handle held upright by two rubber bands anchored to the floor, one on each side. If one band is heated until it gets weak, the broom is pulled out of balance towards the stronger, tenser side. That’s exactly what happens to us ~ STRESS BENDS THE BODY ~ just look in the mirror. Imbalances in muscle tension on either side of the body, pulling up on one hip, shortening one leg … this defensive posturing (psycho-physical armoring) is readily observable in almost everyone and is in fact THE BODY LANGUAGE of this fragmented state.

Most critically though, our available resources focus outward (excarnate) – and thereby ‘unplug / disconnect’ from the body in order to focus on whatever is the threat / stressor – which is perceived at that moment to be of the highest priority. We refer to that as being outer-reactive. Remember as a child how you felt when you walked through a haunted house at Halloween; that intense pre-occupation with what may happen; that’s being outer-reactive.

We lock into a kind of reptilian mind-set and shift from being inner-directed to being outer-directed.

Without realizing it – day to week to month to year – we ever so subtley slip deeper and deeper into this energetically disconnected state, hemmorhaging precious reserves as we go.

Analogous to the slow leak of air from a tire, a battery perpetually discharging or an artery slowly seeping blood internally, today’s stress, challenges and changes endlessly drain, endlessly misdirect precious energy from our system.

Each of us, as such, has a limited amount of available energy. The daily demands on our energy are enormous. A nice analogy would be that human beings are like batteries. At any given time we are in a state of charge or discharge. If we discharge enough; we short- circuit. In 2008, the things that cause us to discharge are more prevalent than the things that charge us. Each negative factor creates an other drain. Finally, we run out of energy and are unable to continue.

The alphabiotic method allows us to be in a constant state of charge.

After the threat is gone – brain and nervous system function, physiology, bloodchemistry and the body’s energetic systems should return to normal. Most though, LOCK into limbic function and remain there, a now almost universal problem, tragically never returning to an earlier “state of ease”.

Unrelenting stress – time constraints, loneliness, medications, antibiotics, electromagnetic (cell phones, computers, flourescent lights, overhead power lines) radiation, chemical (auto emissions, mold, mercury dental fillings, radon, et al) toxins, pesticides on our foods, financial insecurity, job pressures, 24 hour ‘sensationalistic’ news coverage, bankruptcy, dysfunctional relationships, family issues and negative self-talk – lock us into a maze of survival, defense, negativity and fear.

Living in this constant state of drain leaves us void and empty. Our ability to experience the wonder, zest and joy of our youth is gradually leeched away. Our natural energy fades like a light bulb that starts brightly at 100 watts, but by mid-life; life’s challenges have dimmed it to less than 40 watts. Our lives become filled with unnecessary suffering.

This does not have to be. Upon Alphabiotic SourceAlignment – the Light returns. You can see it in their eyes, that spark.

Life also becomes very one-dimensional. Many of us walk through our days in a kind of numbed-down / dumbed-down state. So many waste time and energy worrying. We design strategies to cope.

Modern life has many of us running around in a fog, a thick fog, until we’re acting and living like someone we’re not. Inevitably, this life imbalance will manifest in all kinds of misperceptions, chronic health problems et al.

Stress and shock have distorted you from, well yourself.

The Alphabiotic Method breaks the cycle and restores you back to you- like nothing you have ever experienced. Experiencing an Alphabiotic SourceAlignment is like returning home.

The SourceAlignment gently facilitates the ‘refresh’. It’s really an extraordinarily positive and invigorating communication that encourages the wisdom of the body to ‘override’ the daily ‘emergency stand-by’ mode, kind of like an ‘all clear’ signal. The internalized stress response (fight or flight) which is really a very low level state of alarm or shock that most adults are in – is neutralized and released. Instantly.

Now, this is not the traditional medical-emergency-room definition of shock. It’s not that demonstrative and theatrical. What we’re talking about is a very subtle, complex and subjective one. Micro-emotional-life shocks, if you will. Basically, a state of stress (obvious and unrelieved) morphs into a state of shock (imperceptible and unrelieved). Understanding that stress not dealt with turns into shock – is so big.

The drain of power from our system is stunning, as the wisdom of the body is swiftly diverted to address the shock. It just hemorrhages – but instead of blood, you’re bleeding ‘intelligent, information-exchanging energy.’

As long as this goes unchecked all other priorities such as healing, thinking, joy and growth – are relegated to ‘back-burner’ status.

We hope you can fathom the heart of what I am saying – as it’s considerable.

According to William Emerson, PhD, the majority of Americans are operating in varying degrees of shock. If you saw the movie ‘Ray’ (The Life of Ray Charles) starring Jamie Foxx – the beginning of the movie is a perfect example of this very concept.

Dr. Ryke Hamer, a German physician, believes the true cause of all disease, including cancer, is an unanticipated biological shock trauma. This shock conflict triggers the body to turn on a specific emergency program. Dr. Hamer asserts that cancer is not cured by drugs, natural foods, traditional psychiatry or a healthy lifestyle. The ill person needs to turn off the shock-conflict.

Most will agree that this low level state of shock that adults (and children) function within results in diminished potential – read that, limitation.

What we believe the alphabiotic method is accomplishing – is bringing a person out of shock by lifting the consciousness up from the lower reptilian brain stem (an emergency ‘overide’) to the more highly evolved neocortex (a safety ‘overide’.)

Research has shown that there is consciousness in every cell in the body. There is in fact brain function in each of the estimated three-hundred to five-hundred trillion cells that make up a human being. Two and one-half million of these cells die off and are replaced by brand new cells every sixty seconds. We are not static beings. At any given time, on a cellular level we are either in a positive mode or repair, regeneration and regrowth or we slip into a mode of damage, degeneration and decay. The low-level stress of our time holds us in the latter.

Through the alphabiotic method there is an opening of “higher” brain centers, known as the neocortex. This allows us to experience who we truly are. Instantly, REM (rapid eye movement) – the same which induces physical regeneration during sleep – as well as abdominal breathing commences.

Now, if you observe a sleeping baby closely – you’ll notice both of those phenomena occuring. Both are indicative of a more youthful blueprint, that we all once accessed as children. Recent research out of Belgium suggests that blueprint becomes available once again. Change becomes inevitable.

The Process communicates with the brain in a way that it understands (a sensory communication to a sensory organ).

As we come out of this energetically fragmented mode of perpetual readiness electro-encephalographic studies have shown brain frequencies to drop from a defensive 14-21 hertz range (a Beta wave associated with deep ego activity) to a more comfortable 7-14 hertz range (an Alpha wave associated with relaxed awakedness / high sub-conscious)…with surprising activity in the Delta frequencies of 1/2 – 4 hertz (associated with no ego activity / the Superconscious).

Beta brain wave frequencies were for many years believed to be associated with a normal waking state. Research today however suggests that Beta is in fact indicative of a fight-or-flight mode.

For reasons not known, the 4-7 hertz range Theta waves (low sub-conscious) are not directly affected via the alphabiotic process.
“Beta Brain Lock” loosens its grip on our perceptions and awareness. We now see our experience through eye open, waking, full range Alpha frequencies. a clarity for new options in our loves is born. It opens your life. You become full alive, in the present moment, all the time.

You know how some people have a real sense of ‘presence’ when they enter a room? All heads turn to that person, things seem to happen around them, they always seem to be in the right place at the right time? You know the type. It’s like they’ve plugged into some secret source of power. This way of being is available to all of us – it is in fact our natural state. Today’s daily grind robs us of this sense of presence. This is a proven way to reawaken presence.

Above all else, the method is a communication. It’s based upon the same fundamental principle as rebooting a computer. With the participant lying face up on a specially designed table (one that resembles a narrow, 19 degree inclined massage table – a trained facilitator (alphabioticist) performs a unique movement of the head (which remains in anatomical, neutral position at all times) alternately from each side of the table (to address both hemispheres).

Gently, the participant receives a high level, but non-threatening (that’s key) sensory input. A very positive communication to the brain. It sounds dramatic, but there aren’t any jolts or zings as there are no machines or instruments used. It’s totally hands-on. Very low tech. It’s really quite pleasant and refreshing and not the least bit scary.

The nature of this stimulus instantly balances both halves of the brain, clears stress switches and resets the system back to it’s ‘original factory settings’, i.e. the clear, healthy blueprint provided you by Mother Nature.

The Brain Refreshes.

It causes the brain to do a complete systems check. Now, without a perceived clear and present danger, the brain finds no need to remain locked in the daily ‘hyper-vigilant, stress response’. As the brain shifts out of this aberrant, defensive, outer-reactive, ’emergency stand-by’ mode, mis-appropriated resources are freed up to attend to priorities.

Using sophisticated equipment, the preliminary research by Dr. Marc VanCraeyenest suggests this sensory input appears as a *piezoelectric potential (a conceptual spark) which originates near the corpus callosum (the thick bundle of nerve fibers located between and connecting the two halves of the brain).

We know that this sensory communication immediately results in an electric potential – first in the corpus collosum which then spreads throughout the brain into the neocortex (what anthropologists refer to as the higher human or spiritual brain).

*In physics, a piezo-electric effect is a current which flows as the result of an applied pressure (the alphabiotic method) on a crystalline structure (conjectured to be the pituitary gland or the corpus callosum). In theory, the pressure causes the crystalline structure to deform, resulting in a voltage (the conceptual spark). In mere nanoseconds, a web of neurons begins to fire spreading the potential throughout both hemispheres causing the brain to perform a systems check – in much the same way that a computer defragments and resets itself back to its original functional condition.

“And no, you don’t lose memory, personality etc. You’re still you – just a more authentic version. It’s kind of like returning home. The process gently facilitates the ‘refresh’. It’s really an extraordinarily positive and invigorating communication that encourages the wisdom of the body to ‘override’ the daily ‘emergency stand-by’ mode, kind of like an ‘all clear’ signal. The internalized stress response (fight or flight) which is really a very low level state of alarm or shock that most adults are in – is neutralized and released. Instantly.

Just as a rebooted computer reverts back to its original systems software, we revert back to our original blueprint, restoring high level whole brain function. In fact, the entire system (i.e. you) comes back on at a more congruent level of expression.

When an animal is ill, it will instinctively rest. Why? Because it frees up energy to attend to healing. The old adage “starve a cold…” once again frees up energy that would normally be used for digestion. When we do a liver flush, as poisons leave our system, their is less toxicity for our body’s resources to have to deal with…the end result is that energy is freed up to address other priorities.

The amount of life energy / resources that are freed up when one rests, fasts or partakes in a detoxifying cleanse is infinitesimal relative to the amount that is freed up when one comes out of a pervasive, low level stress response.

Manpower is freed for greater sensory enhancement, metabolism, healing, creativity etc. NOW, when one partakes in a lifestyle that is positive; be it eating well, excercising, meditating, yoga, acupuncture etc. Those lifestyle changes take on new meaning.

Nature knows what to do in any given situation, always. When we disconnect from that natural wisdom…we unknowingly place ourselves at an enormous disadvantage. Upon SourceAlignment, nature proceeds to do what it knows to do, wants to do and has been trying to do – but until the moment of Integration could not fully do because it was so outwardly focused. (Remember our Halloween analogy?)

The invigorating nature of this flooding sensory communication serves as a “wake-up” call of sorts, and as such, grabs the body’s attention triggering a shift as the system attempts to ‘jiggle’ up to a higher level of order. A concrete ‘positive’ that will linger into the next day.

Properly utilized, a very real shift in awareness blossoms. As we spend sustained time in this new realm of higher brain integration, our entire cellular being as well as our reality (re)-organizes around it. It is this core level phenomenon that is believed to be responsible for the transformation of life experience so often realized.

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