An Uncommon Dialogue

The Back Bay, Boston, MA.

An Uncommon Dialogue.

A Conversation with Dr. Neal Smookler (April 1995, The Back Bay.)


What exactly is Alphabiotics?  

Developmental Alphabiotics {pronounced  Alpha-bee-otics} is a helping system perfect for todays world. It enables people to break free from the restless, *outer-reactive, energy wasting state of being caused by the complexity of stress that so characterizes much of everyday life.  Alphabiotics enables us access to levels of wellness, transformation, joy and discovery previously  thought unimaginable.



How is that accomplished? 

Via a dynamic referred to as The Alphabiotic Integration.


Could you explain that?

Sure. The Alphabiotic Integration is a hands-on touch process that acts as a catalyst, a way of flipping on a switch so to speak, to a higher level of right- brain / left-brain synchronicity.  When successful, ones subtle vibratory life energies, or Spirit, come into a fuller, more glorious expression in the mind-body allowing for seemingly miraculous shifts on all planes…and at every level of your being. It can bring you back into harmony with your Divine Essence. The Integration is a facilitation. It frees the innate power, inherent within the mind-body. This renewing essence, when liberated, radiates through one’s being, dissolving instances of physical and mental malaise as light obliterates darkness. Properly utilized, a very real shift in consciousness blossoms..  As we spend sustained time in this new realm of higher brain integration our entire cellular being, as well as our reality (re)-organizes and attunes around the vibratory frequency of new, more positive and loving thought forms. Being elemental to it’s integrity, the new frequency stimuli assist to reinstate the blueprint of the Soul. ** It is this core level phenomenon that is believed to be responsible for the transformation of life experience so often realized. The process takes about a minute and a half.



That’s quite a statement. Is there a starting point to better understand all this?   

Of course, but we’ll need to begin with a much discussed topic these days, stress…and it’s relationship to our central nervous system, specifically our brains.


Hold on a minute, you just said, brains!  I thought we had only one?  

Okay, okay…maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with some basics. So sit back and relax. Now, enjoy the ride, because here we go.


Much has been written recently about whole brain function. What’s it all about…Alfie?  

The basics are easy to grasp. Our brain is divided into two hemispheres, left and right.  In essence we do have two brains!   Years of research have shown that each hemisphere seems to possess unique characteristics. In the left side are the abilities of focusing attention, verbal skills, logic, reasoning, and sense of time, linear thought, and detail-oriented traits. The right hemisphere contains functions of intuition, creativity, abstract thought, and free spiritedness. Both halves are equally important. An easy and fluid access to each is crucial, for you to use as you wish, so that you are fully actualized as a person, in touch with all of the things that make you unique and special.


Might you be so kind as to provide an example?  

It is difficult to take a standard academic test without access to the left hemisphere, and just as hard to feel a flow of creativity when the right side is shut   down.  Research has shown that we do not access both sides equally. Almost everyone, for some mysterious reason, has a dominant (active) and subdominant (passive) hemisphere. In other words, we are a population of either left brainers (the bull in the china shop) or right brainers (the free spirit on the mountain top); each group stuck with using one side more than the other.  With all that untapped potential, it’s no wonder there is so much interest in finding a way to restore whole brain function. Even so, up to now, little progress has been made.


Is there a common denominator to all this?  

Increasingly, more and more evidence is pointing to a simple fact…there really is a prevalent cause behind many of your problems and there is a way to shift into a better mode. To an Alphabioticist, the idea of using only half of your resources is unimaginable. Brain dominance is a fundamental imbalance that can be corrected.  And it needs to be corrected because it is not just a mental imbalance; it’s an imbalance with far reaching effects on all levels of physical and social function.  Indeed, it’s directly linked to a disproportionate percentage of the internal discord and suffering we feel as human beings, and to the blockages we experience in expressing our full potential.

That is why this information is so important during these very stressful and challenging times.  It is by no coincidence that these words have found their way into your hands in the form that you now hold. Life has a way of providing just the right information, to just the right people, at just the right time.


Why is stress so damaging?  It’s constantly in the news these days.  

It is true that stress is a hot buzzword these days.  Most news reports and articles only scratch the surface.  We hope to clarify, in the paragraphs ahead, a subject many talk about but few really understand. Alphabiotic Integrations let years of stress dissolve away. Your brain hemispheres are designed for equal access, to operate in harmony, and even to synchronize when experiencing higher states of consciousness, function and potential. However, there is a circumstance when one side demands more energy than the other does. It happens when we react to stress. From earlier states of our evolution we have buried within us automatic responses which trigger under certain conditions. One of those is the stress reaction; the so-called fight or flight response we experience when confronted with danger.  It is a survival response.


The town of Bedrock. Is it a place right out of history?   

In a natural, non-industrial setting, (hello Fred. hello Wilma) the stressors we encountered were short-lived, life threatening incidents, such as an animal attacking. Instantly, multiple stress switches would be tripped so we could better survive for the next few seconds. Documented changes include: adrenaline pumps, blood pressure rises, pupils dilate for better vision, lungs take in more oxygen, glycogen (sugar) in the liver converts to glucose for increased energy and so on. Something else happens.  We drop into a mid to lower level of brain function (limbic function) and simultaneously begin to lose access to our subdominant (passive) hemisphere.  It partially shuts down.  Your brain then marshals the majority of its energy into a single dominant hemisphere (brain lateralization). For most people, it’s the left hemisphere (about 80%).  Now you are fully focusing your attention and energy outward, ready for action. Remember this concept. It is critical in understanding how stress depletes our life energy resources. In seconds, the danger passes or you deal with it and survive. Soon the fight or flight system shuts down, the stress switches close and you return to normal. We are well designed to respond when faced with this type of high level input, a stress that has a definitive beginning and ending.


Isn’t stress today a little different?  

Stress today is a lot different, both in its inherent nature and sheer volume. Science knows that our stress levels mathematically increase every ten to fifteen years. Nowadays our stress is chronic, pervasive and unrelenting. Your boss nags you constantly, you’re stuck in traffic or your upstairs neighbors are having their fourth late night party this week. The stress switches trigger, and you prepare for war. Only, you cannot take action. You can’t punch out the boss or assault your neighbor. Instead, you just stuff it.

In reality, the stress response known as fight or flight can be renamed for modern times as the fight, flight or freeze response. Our natural stress response does not help us deal with the challenges of modern life.  It is this relentless low-grade stress that grinds on us everyday- just below the war threshold, but way above normal. This causes our danger response mechanism to get confused and leave more and more stress switches on all the time, as if on emergency standby.

To an Alphabioticist, the most significant switches that stay on are the ones regulating the two hemispheres. The brain, now focusing energy and resources outwards, begins to stay in the dominant hemisphere. Eventually, over time we begin to lose the ability to shift to the other side. The chronic nature of  today’s stress locks us into a destructive mode of perpetual readiness, which becomes damaging on all levels. This is how imbalance creeps into our life. And it’s just the beginning, because brain dominance has a cascade effect on the rest of our life.


Has anybody here seen my old friend Martin…can you tell me where he’s gone?   

With this response elicited, we lock into a mode of survival, defense and fear. Life  becomes very one-dimensional. We are almost never in the present moment. Instead we spend all of our time feeling bad or guilty about something that happened in the past…or worried about the future. We become stuck in our False-self, then wonder why we attract turmoil, lack and uneccesary drama. It’s as if there’s no peace. You, and for that matter those around you, wonder what ever happened to the old you. Where did all the expression of your Full-self go? Through the Integrative State, members access very high levels of brain function. Members access that part of the brain known as the neocortex. This allows us to experience who we truly are once again. Change becomes inevitable.

<Author’s note: nearly all members within our practice have identified with the information shared in the previous paragraph. You see a far away look and longing on their face. They know how disconnected they are.


Are you implying that we’re not The Energizer Bunny?  

Unfortunately Bugs, more and more studies are validating the same. In a November 1996 Boston Globe study, researchers concluded that for people living in an industrialized setting (yes, that includes our beloved city) the same fight or flight response that once gave ancient human beings the speed and endurance to escape primitive dangers, is today, in a modern society, continually elicited and tragically the fight or flight response no longer shuts off.


And I guess we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto?  

And clicking your heels together Dot, won’t help either. Because, because, because, because, because… the cumulative affect of time constraints, job pressures, loneliness, medications, electromagnetic (cell phones, computers) and chemical ( auto emissions, radon, et al), pollution, pesticides on our foods, financial insecurity, bankruptcy, dysfunctional relationships, family issues and negative self-talk, to name a few, are perceived by the body in the same way as was an attacking saber-toothed tiger in primeval times.  The overall effect of this aberrant reaction is to elicit the fight or flight  response which induces ones subtle life energies to misdirect and focus outward (excarnate) onto the perceived threat to survival. To disassociate from such an inhospitable context.  When we excarnate, we give up our power to effectively confront and resolve the challenges that meet us day to day.

There are two physiological reflections of this stress response: (1) brain lateralization (dominance) and (2) a shift into fight-or-flight, that is, the sympathetic nervous system.  Alphabiotic Integrations free us from this energy depleting stress response and help us to function at higher levels of wellness and joy.


What happens during brain lateralization, from a biomechanical standpoint?  

Balance is more than a nice sounding concept. From a biomechanical standpoint, it is a measurable, testable reality. Your brain actually regulates muscular tension and energy distribution throughout the neuromusculoskeletal system. The neural circuits between brain and body are roughly divided in half, with each hemisphere controlling the opposite side of the body. In brain lateralization, we neuro logically shift or lock into our dominant hemisphere in order to allow for greater strength and contraction on one side of the body – a  survival mechanism. But there is a price.


What gives?   

You, my friend. When we become chronically brain-lateralized in response to constant low grade stress, the side of the body controlled by the sub-dominant hemisphere becomes flaccid and weakened, with slower reflexes. With your muscular tension now distributed unequally, something indeed has to give.  What “gives” is your physical balance. To see how this happens, imagine a broom handle held upright by two rubber bands anchored to the floor, one on each side. If one band is heated until it gets weak, the broom is pulled out of balance toward the stronger, tenser side.


And is that what happens to us?  

Exactly.  Just look in the mirror…imbalances in muscle tension on either side of  the body, pulling up on one hip, shortening one leg, and causing stress throughout the body is easily observed.  The imbalance creates tremendous stress on your muscles and joints.  Spinal stress areas disturb the flow of coordinating life energy from the spinal cord to all organs, tissues and cells, allowing for weakness and disease. When you add to that the enormous energy that the brain and body must expend to simply compensate for the imbalance along with the energy depletion associated with fight or flight, you can begin to see why the cumulative effects of imbalance are sabotaging our true potential.


Earlier, you mentioned the fight or flight response, can you elaborate on its correlation to our well being?  

What’s the magic word?



You got it. But first, an admonishment.  If boring scientific terminology makes you sleepy, then feel free to jump ahead five sentences.  If not, read on. Technically, this response is identified in two phases.  The first of these involves the “sympathetic-adreno-medullary-axis” (SAM). This is the familiar fight-or-flight response.  The second phase is referred to as the “hypothalamic-pituitary- adrenalcortical-axis” (HPA).  This is the phase more closely associated with emotions and intellect.


Snore, Snore. Sorry, nodded off there for a moment. Besides, that’s five sentences, let’s hear some tangibles?  

Are you sure you are awake?  Good.  All metabolic functions of the body, such as digestion, detoxification, and regeneration of tissue – the basis of the healing process – are controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system. When confronted by stress, we turn off the parasympathetic nervous system and shift into the sympathetic nervous system, the fight or flight response.  In a natural environment, this would temporarily turn off the healing processes to allow the body’s energy to be diverted to immediate survival needs.


This is a problem. Research has shown that your body’s 300-500 trillion cells can do one of two things…they can be moving towards something of beneficial value and be in a mode of repair, re-growth and regeneration or they can remain in a survive and defend mode…and subsequently degenerate and decay.  This applies to a single cell as well as the organism as a whole.Chronic stress holds us in this crippling state, limiting the spectrum of our potential.


In 1996, both the National Institute of Health and Ohio State University concluded…”Long term fight or flight responses in humans, cripples the immune  potential.” Alphabiotic Integration leads us to a state of peace, even admist daily stress. Thus we can return to life under the control of the parasympathetic nervous system and activate our healing power. Living in a constant state of damage, degeneration and decay only drains our ability to experience the wonder, zest and joy of our youth. Over time, our natural energy fades like a light bulb that starts brightly at 100 watts, but by mid-life has dimmed to less than 30. Our lives become filled with unnecessary suffering and drama.  This does not have to be.


Not surprisingly scientists have finally begun to connect the dots.  Current research findings relative to right-brain / left-brain dissynchronicity have concluded the problem to be, now, of universal scope.  It is now being recognized as a condition that cuts across all ethnic, socioeconomic, and age groups.


How is the Alphabiotic Integration performed and how does it affect this disconnected brain lateralization response?  

The Integration is performed on a specially designed Alphabiotic couch. With the member lying on their back, head at the high end of the couch, the Alphabioticist introduces a very pleasant, very positive, high intensity sensory stimulus or input (in the form of a pattern interrupt) into the mind-brain system. It is a highly energized and coordinated upward movement of the head that serves as a communication to instantly synchronize both brain hemispheres. (Analogous to de-fragmenting or rebooting a computer- the system comes back on at higher, more congruent level of function.) This invigorating movement grabs the body’s attention, triggering a positive shift, as the system attempts to ‘jiggle’ into a higher order. (See chaos theory.) The Integration acts as a catalyst, a way of flipping on a switch,  so to speak, to a higher level of mind-body function. It is an obvious ‘state’ changer.


Secret, secret.  Who’s got a secret? 

Well, we have.  The mind-body is a self-healing, self de-tensing, self-correcting, self-evolving mechanism. This is what lies behind the Integration’s success…hint, hint.  As this mechanism is “woken up”, the real power of a human being becomes apparent.  Life energy immediately floods back in, to illuminate our genetic code into full expression. The side-benefits of this shift are very real and tangible. The mind-body is calmed and balanced, allowing one to be more inner-actualized. As internal stress switches are shut off, brain wave frequencies drop from defensive, beta (stress) levels to more comfortable Alpha levels (see Catch a wave and you’re sittin’ on top of the world.)

The self-regulating physiological, psychological and energetic systems tend towards optimal expression. As one comes out of this destructive stress response, one’s usable life energy resources increase.  Energy is freed for greater sensory enhancement, metabolism, thinking, healing and tapping potential. A greater sense of well being is realized.  Alphabiotic Integrations encourage a reunification of these balancing life energies back into the mind-body continuum.  This allows both  hemispheres to synchronize, resulting in an immediate bilateral equalization of tension.  As the pelvis levels itself and legs become more even, the entire skeleton naturally self-adjusts and maintains itself in a state of perfect dynamic balance.


Does it really feels so good as Chuck Mangione played?

Of course.  An Alphabiotic Integration instantly opens the gate that allows the body’s infinite intelligence to come into fuller, more glorious expression. This triggers the nervous system to return to whole brain functioning with both hemispheres at full power.


To the best of our knowledge, nothing else can do what the Integration does.  We don’t just talk balance.  We help you achieve it at every level of your being.  Upon Integration, the flight-or-fight response ceases…You now reside in that most favorable environment where your inner being can do what it knows to do, wants to do, and has been trying to do…but up until this point…was not fully able to do, because it had been so outer-directed.


Alphabiotics has to do with how Life manifests itself within us.  In a very practical  way, it’s about helping people wonderfully express Life more fully. When we live fully in our bodies, and thus in our world, we are empowered not only to transform our life, but also to evolve according to our deepest personal strivings.


Is whole brain function truly better than just right of left brain function? 

That’s a no-brainer. Sorry, we couldn’t resist.  Based in part on Nobel-prize winning  research on how complex systems, i.e. human beings, evolve to higher levels of  function, Alphabiotic International’s Brain-Mind Institute has validated through electroencephalographic (EEG) studies that brain wave patterns deepen upon Integration. Most people feel a deep sense of inner-congruence; a state similar to that experienced by meditators after many years of practice. Norepinephrine levels within the brain rise. As neural pathways more tightly connect and synchronize the two sides of the brain, the recipient experiences what neuroscientists call whole brain functioning.


Additionally, a wide variety of mental benefits such as heightened intuition, clarity, creativity, and greater mental focus surface. Integrations enable us to enter into highly receptive Alpha brain wave states and create new options in our lives.


This facilitates a broader understanding of reality and it enhances learning possibilities.


Due to today’s most prevalent teaching methods, along with a child’s predisposition to favor one side of the brain, that child will not process information as well  as if they were in a whole brain congruent state. The above was one conclusion of a  recent article which appeared in the November 5, 1998 children’s focus section of The Boston Globe.


Some learning disabilities (Attention Deficit Disorder, Dyslexia et al) have corrective root causes.


Catch a wave and you’re sittin’ on top of the world? 

Our brain is a sensory organ (80% motor, 20% sensory).  The Alphabiotic Integration communicates with the brain in a way that it understands.  Sensory organ, sensory communication. As we come out of this outer reactive, fragmented state of perpetual readiness, (limbic function), our brain frequencies drop from a 14-21 hertz range (beta wave) to a more comfortable 7-14 hertz range (alpha wave) with surprising activity in high delta (1/2 – 4 hertz). Beta Brain Lock loosens it’s grip on our perceptions and consciousness.  We now  see our experience through eye open, waking, full range Alpha frequencies.


Would that not complement my practice of meditation? 

Very much so.  Members experience easing into their meditation more fluidly as well as the attainment of deeper states and more expansive benefits.


Then why can’t I simply meditate?  Why is the Alphabiotic Process needed? 

Similar to cellular memory, a phenomenon known as psycho-physical armoring  holds us in a dominant stress pattern.  As we lock into this defensive posturing,  the “groove” is reinforced. Meditation will absolutely help with the process, but unless the psycho-physical armoring component is addressed. The impact of your meditation will be transient.


Don’t you feel as if some of these paragraphs should be split up a bit? 

Very clever…There is also an opening of “higher” brain centers (the neocortex). Your consciousness is heightened. You become more aware of your Authentic self after some time in this Integrative State.  You become fully alive, in the present moment, all the time.


Many report what can only be described as a quantum leap in consciousness. What happens once your brain has made the changes necessary to handle the initial levels of Integration? If you find yourself saying, “Wow! This is great and I want more,” you can, by continued involvement, move to deeper levels, just as weightlifter increases his capacity once he has mastered lifting a certain amount  of weight. At these deeper levels, sustained lower carrier frequencies to the brain generate increased levels of mental activity, self-awareness and personal growth.


Every time the nervous system recognizes itself at a new and higher level, you experience yourself and your world in a new and different way. Your threshold for stress resistance goes up and much of the negative self talk that we all experience begins to fall away, even those patterns that have resisted change with other methods.


It is thought that through the Integration Dynamic, members are brought out of that part of the brain, within the limbic system, associated with all the no’s, don’ts, and can’ts of early childhood…the locus coeruleus. For most people this means dramatic, deep changes in mental and emotional well being…release of self-defeating beaviour, childhood traumas, and limiting thoughts.  A sense of objectivity and synchronicity become apparent.


What are some other benefits of living in an Alphabiotic Integrative State? 

Properly utilized, Alphabiotics causes a very real shift in consciousness, out of Ego/Fear and into Sacred-Self/Love. As we spend sustained time in this new realm, our entire reality (re-)organizes around that thought-form. It is time plus the higher consciousness that causes this transformation of life experience. You will enjoy greater emotional openness, which benefits all of your relationships.  Regular Alphabiotic Integrations help us to express our True Nature, freeing us to live in excellent health, with mental clarity, emotional balance and access to the depths of the Spirit.


How do I know if I need Integrations? 

Everyone can benefit from Integrations.  Integrations simply help to free you to be your best self, invigorating the body, mind, and spirit.  The people who benefit most are those who make the strongest commitments to their own well being.  Alphabiotic Integrations support and are supported by meditation, prayer, exercise, and right livelihood – to name a few!  Conversely, people who persist in abusive habits (drinking, smoking, negativity, etc.) will find themselves literally being pulled in two directions when they receive Integrations.  You are advised to set aside such habits before receiving Integrations.


How many Integrations will I need? 

We recommend that your Integrations be frequent enough so that you hold your Integration between sessions.  Your Alphabioticist can determine how long you are able to stay in balance and help you find a schedule that will enable you to always  live life at higher and higher levels. Initially, Integrations are provided frequently – daily, if possible – to “tune” your  being to a new, healthier pattern.  In the beginning, your newfound state of inner balance will only hold for a few days due to the “cowlick effect”- you know, the way you smooth down an unruly lock of hair, only to have it pop back up later on,“remembering” it’s original unruly shape. (Oh those bad hair days!)  In a similar way,  your body when under stress, tends to remember and return to it’s old defensive, grooved in response pattern.


Experience has demonstrated that by maintaining an Alphabiotic Integrative State for four to ten weeks (The Foundational Program), you will be ready to receive your Integrations at a frequency of once weekly, a 168 hour holding time.  As your ability to hold your Integration increases, the interval between sessions can also increase.


Does it hurt?

No. Alphabiotic Integrations allow for a release of stress and tension.  However, you will probably find your first Integration a mind-opening experience. Almost always, members will fondly recall their first Integration.  Depending on how far out of balance you are your experience of returning to a stress-free state of balance can be anywhere from exhilarating to temporarily uncomfortable.  Even people who find the first Integration mildly unpleasant always report that each successive Integration becomes more and more enjoyable.


What will I experience upon Integration? 

That’s a loaded question, with a vast array of responses. But that’s what we’re here for, so here’s an archetype of experiences. It is quite common to feel light- headed and totally relaxed. Some members describe a wave of energy moving from the head down to the toes, and feel as if they are walking “four inches above the surface of the earth.”


Often, immediately following Integration, members observe lights appearing brighter, colors appearing more vivid, sharper hearing, an overall general sensory enhancement, a change in breathing and a sense of feeling lighter. Often times a sense of peace and serenity overtakes the member.  It is not uncommon to feel refreshed and literally more alive after Integration. It’s as if the twinkle returns to your eyes.


Perhaps you are not quite sure what you feel. Most members within the first five or six Integrations know that something very exciting, powerful and creative has been accessed through the Integration Dynamic. Often one will experience dramatic clarity of mind and a deep sense of peace post Integration. Which is why members keep coming back.  Because it works. You can feel the difference. You know that a shift has taken place.


Dr. Virgil Chrane, Founder and President of Alphabiotics International believes that very shift is ultimately a reconnection with our Sacred Self. Some agree, while others want more evidence. Everyone of course is free to explore the Integration from his or her own perspective. However, please keep in mind that Dr. Chrane has provided over 700,000 Integrations over the past few decades. Anyone with that much experience deserves consideration. He may very well have insight that others lack. Alphabiotics, is about accessing those very levels of higher mind-body function.


Can children receive Alphabiotic Integrations? 

Absolutely…Regular Integrations help children maintain their high state of regenerative power, their natural amazing abilities.


A Boston University study revealed that over seventy percent of apparently healthy children are so traumatized by the accepted and traditional obstetrical birthing procedures used in this country, that they are already locked in destructive stress states.


We are beginning to see stress switches flip on and stay on at earlier and earlier ages.  Dr. Barbara Howard, a pediatrician at Johns Hopkins, says a quarter of her patients (all children) are there for stress related problems, and the proportion has been rising.


Dr. Jay Giedd of the National Institute of Health says. ”The early brain can be come hard wired to deal with high fear states, a mode in which a lot of adrenaline  is flowing, when these children become adults, they’ll feel empty or bored if they’re not on edge.”


It is theorized that continued Alphabiotic involvement enables the brain to be less hard wired, facilitating the learning process.  A child can learn three         languages, with relative ease…their brains are not yet hard wired, as are their adult counterparts.


An accelerated negative reaction of the mind and body to stress, long before old  age, is being reported on college campuses. “ We are seeing today’s college students having the problems you might expect a forty year old executive to have, from stomach disorders to headaches.” Said Fred Newton, director of counseling services at Kansas State University. Dennis Heitzmann, director of the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services at Penn State University said “the number of students seeking counseling rose dramatically in the last decade.”


One final observation, Dr. Jean Houston, when she was at Columbia University concluded through her research that the average child loses over seventy percent of his or her biological and cognitive potential between the ages of three and seventeen.


There is categorically no doubt, any longer, that this is an extremely destructive response, proving to be of major and massive interference to one’s abilities, resulting in diminished function, every time.


From a spiritual perspective, are Integrations important for children?  

Extremely so. A child’s spirit is believed to settle into the physical body gradually over the first seven years of life.  Alphabiotic Integrations assist in allowing this process to be as smooth and healthy as possible. Children have not been subjected to the degree or duration of stress that most adults have, therefore they tend to hold their Integrations quite well.



How can I tell if it’s working? 

We have been programmed by the conventional therapeutic systems to treat ourselves the way we treat our cars.  If something seems to be wrong, we ask a doctor or therapist to fix it, and then expect the symptoms we were concerned

about to vanish. For this reason, most therapeutic systems aren’t much more successful in providing permanent solutions to chronic conditions than auto mechanics are at fixing well-worn cars.  Alphabiotics is not a therapy of any sort, and will not cure, fix, or treat anything whatsoever. Alphabiotic Integrations are a  Source reconnect. A reconnect back to the orchestrating wisdom within. Only the Creative Intelligence within, which directs every cellular process of our bodies, is able to heal or fix anything.  Alphabiotic Integrations will help clear the way for us  to live in greater harmony with this Divine Intelligence, and thus, health, vitality, and peace become our natural expression.



The natural healing process that operates under the direction of our Innate Wisdom is extremely capable and efficient.  Seemingly miraculous healings (spontaneous remissions) become commonplace when we come into alignment with our inner source. However, the process does not always work according to our specifications or time-table, the symptoms that we wish would disappear might stay around for awhile as the body works to address a situation that has a higher priority rating –  this is vital to understand.


Is there a restroom nearby?

Down the hall, second door on the right. No, not that one, next one over. There you go.


My life’s one monumental stress! Some times I feel as if I’m drowning. Can you throw me a rope?

Suppose that when you began your life you were able to look ahead.  In a metaphorical way your life was like a beautiful, straight rope – over one hundred years long.  That long, straight rope represented how long you were designed to live.  As you traveled the rope of life you experienced challenges, tests, traumas, disappointments, turmoil and pain.  Each stress that went unresolved, put a twist, kink or knot in the rope of your life, and its overall length was shortened.


Now, you have reached a point where, when you look ahead, your rope is still straight, but much shorter than it once was.  When you look back, you realize that those stressful life situations you experienced have caused the twists, kinks and knots and considerably shortened your rope.  To lengthen the rope of your life, that is now shorter than before, you must retrace back over         the knots and kinks.  You must undo the twists and rope shortening armoring that you still carry with you (Alphabiotic Rope Theory).


The good news is that if you maintain a profound state of Alphabiotic balance, with your Life power on, the retracing time back is far faster than the time spent in arriving where you are now.  And, it happens automatically.  It’s a trip well worth taking!


That’s retracing, right?

Bingo.  Some people experience uncomfortable sensations such as headaches, fevers, muscle spasms, fatigue, and emotional changes when first receiving Integrations.  These symptoms, though surprising, are not cause for alarm, but indicate that the body is retracing back through old traumas.  The process is analogous to stirring up the bottom of a muddy river, a lot of “crud,” pardon the expression, may arise for a temporary duration.


Similarly, the symptoms of an injury from four years ago may reappear for a short period of time as the body seeks to finish off an incomplete healing process.  Toxins stored in tissues throughout the body will be flushed out as the body returns to balance.


Some people report old emotional traumas rising to the surface for final resolution when they first begin receiving Integrations. This too demonstrates the perfection, symmetry and completeness of the healing process of our Innate Wisdom. Whether you feel worse, better, or the same, you can be confident that you are walking the road to your most perfect expression of health and freedom.


Do people always feel good after Integrations?

Although the overall process of Integration is positive and beneficial, short term corrective changes can be expected.  There is a tendency to “double back” over problems that you thought might have been resolved in the past – illnesses, abuse, accidents, or traumas.  These past incidents were not actually resolved, but only metaphorically “swept under the rug” or “placed on the back burner” as the mind-  body struggled to return to equilibrium.  If the system was locked in an aberrant reaction at that time, it would not fully and completely  heal, resolve and process whatever was the insult.  There simply wouldn’t be enough “manpower.”  As a protection mechanism that trauma would be pushed down and buried deep within cellular memory, where it would remain (suppressing and limiting your health, while coloring your perceptions)…until enough “manpower” was freed up to categorically process it.


The process of Integrations often uncovers these buried traumas, and the Infinite Intelligence of the mind-body is free to truly resolve them in this new empowered context. However, the intensity of this backtracking process is less than that of the original problematic incident.


How long will it take to get there?

Alphabioticists have observed that the mind-body returns to balance at a 12:1  ratio – that is, if you have been out of balance for 10 years, it will probably take 10  months of staying in balance for your mind-body to repair the damage and imbalance incurred over those 10 years.


Being able to hold your Integration between sessions indicates staying in balance; that is when the process is truly free to work.  In order to assist with the process, you should expect to work on improving your diet and lifestyle and heightening your outlook.


How does the natural healing process work, in physiological terms?

After an Integration, your body will immediately begin a deep healing and purification process.  Your liver will flush out stored toxins, as will every tissue and cell within the body.  These toxins are the products of medications, negative self-talk, pollution, substance abuse, poor diet, and, of course emotional trauma.  Many people experience the detoxification process as cold-like symptoms, fever, diarrhea, nausea, fatigue and headaches.  Though this can be uncomfortable, it is a very good sign that the body is moving towards it’s natural self-healing state.


What happens to the muscles?

Imagine wearing shoes of two different heel heights for several years – and then, suddenly, putting on shoes of equal height.  Skeletal structures, muscles and connective tissues throughout the body would shift dramatically and go through spasms as they struggle to return to a healthy state. Likewise, when you first start receiving Integrations, the bodily sensations can be surprising, but you will notice that they quickly move around to different parts of the body, and then soon pass altogether.  As your body directs the self-adjusting process, you might hear pops and cracking noises as the skeletal system seeks to return to a balanced position.


What about emotional changes?

As we go through life, emotional traumas often get buried. However, unresolved  emotions can continue to affect our personalities and relationships. Alphabiotic Integrations bring us into contact with our innermost being. In the process old emotions will resurface as they finally become resolved.  As a splinter that has become deeply buried in the skin, will hurt briefly as it works its way to the surface, you might experience rise up for no apparent reason. Stay centered, pray, meditate, get lots of exercise, and don’t worry.  This phase will soon pass, leaving you with a new sense of freedom, joy, peace, an openness.


Members often report quantum shifts in their abilities and talents. How is this possible?


Shift Happens.


The answer may lie in the two contradictory tendencies of living systems-the stability of homeostasis and the instability of chaos-and how when each do what they are supposed to do, with an assist by The Integration process, wonderful things happen.


Self-organization theory of modern physics proposes that complex systems (such as the human body) have an innate internal organization.  Homeostasis is the term we use to summarize the complicated-adjustments our body-mind constantly makes to maintain that order.  Whatever the threat…stress, injury, virus…the homeostatic mechanism relentlessly attempts to return to the safety of home,”a state that it already knows and recognizes as the status quo.  Minimizing upsets and keeping the system functioning is its job.


Order, stability, the status quo.  It sounds like a good thing-and it is-unless the grip of homeostasis is so tight that it maintains an out-of-balance stress state, actively discouraging the possibility of a shift to a more orderly level of brain functioning.


Chaos is not the answer.  It may be, however, a description of an answer.  Chaos is part of nature.  In general, chaos theory is a way of explaining the nonlinearity of our world by showing the unique patterns that are hidden in apparent disorder.  In specific, it helps explain how living systems are capable of phase shifting beyond the protectionism of homeostasis into a state that is surprisingly even more orderly than before. According to the chaos theory, the internal organization of complex systems can shift very quickly, with just a very small random input from outside the system.  A classic example of a “random input” is how the fluttering of butterfly wings in Japan could theoretically affect weather patterns worldwide.  The input increases the complexity of the state.  At a certain point, a shift can occur which at first appears to be energetic and disorganized, as if the system is attempting to jiggle into a higher order.


James Gleick in his book, Chaos: Making a New Science, wrote that the greater the turbulence, the more complex solution, the greater the jump to a higher  order.”In Infinite Mind, Dr. Valerie Hunt says, “Chaos arises in any dynamic system when a certain level of complexity is reached,”and that “the greater the complexity the less predictable are details of its future. It’s a description that runs parallel to the Integration experience.


Is the Integration, then, a way to trigger a chaotic state, not by a random input, but by a practical and repeatable physical process? Chaos is necessary to get past locked-in, inappropriate stress patterns.


Apparently, homeostasis is a borg-like mechanism: it adapts.  Any shifts that get by the homeostatic defenses are then supported as part of the system, including negative conditions such as injuries to the mind and body.  If the stress cannot  be released, homeostasis simply patterns over it and incorporates it into a new status quo.  Functioning is maintained, although at a lower level.  This may explain how conditions like multiple personalities, phantom limb pain, and locked-in brain hemisphere dominance are created.


The Integration is like a big surprise.  It triggers a massive sensory input that  homeostasis is often not prepared for, a way of literally “pulling out the rug,  interrupting the current pattern and shifting into a new state of orderliness. As a result, old patterns- stored as symptoms, emotions, behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions-may simply no longer exist, or at least may begin releasing their grip.  And like a true chaotic event, the results are not predictable.  Years of experience and testing, however, allow us to predict that the result will be positive, and sometimes positive beyond any reasonable level of expectation.


What happens if I encounter new stressors while I’m maintaining an Integrative state?

An Alphabiotic Integration will free the inner essence of the member to penetrate deeply through the mind-body. Stressful factors in the environment, such as chemical toxins will cause the subtle energies of the spirit to begin their slow but insidious disassociation. If a person receives an Integration and then goes out and smokes a cigarette, the incoming spirit will feel assaulted by the toxic reaction the body has to the cigarette, and will excarnate quickly before it can become deeply rooted enough to overpower the toxin. This could leave the smoker with a physical reaction such as muscle spasms or a headache.  Any toxin such as alcohol or drugs, experiences such as driving in heavy traffic or strong sudden emotions like a flash of anger could cause this same “rebound” scenario.


After you receive an Integration, be especially careful with your newfound inner actualized state.  Do not take any drugs, alcohol or toxins, and try to maintain a state of equanimity and peace.  This will allow your Integration to be most effective in bringing a deeper integration between your body, mind, and spirit.  People come to Alphabiotics with an array of expectations.  Your  Alphabioticist would recommend that you discard any expectations, any desired results, and simply experience the experience.


How might I assist in the process?

By cultivating the proper mental attitude you help the process along.   The Integration is the opening of the gate of unlimited potentials.  It is up to you to pass through this gate. The more open you keep your mind and heart at the moment of Integration, the deeper you will take it and the more peacefully you will unite with your True Self.


Honor the Alphabiotic Process by being centered, focused, on purpose, with  proper ntent and minimal talking.  Rather than just being a passive recipient, be an active, self-responsible member… relax, center yourself, focus on a positive thought or an affirmative statement, do not talk, be totally in the moment – this is vital.


Your Alphabioticist has prepared himself / herself in a similar way. He/she is centered and on purpose. He/she is focused on giving as proper an Alphabiotic Integration as possible. Unnecessary talking must not distract him. Great skill,concentrated energy and single-minded intent are absolutely necessary. If you need to discuss some aspect of your visit, please schedule a specific time for a private consultation.


After the Integration, try not to talk.  Instead, take a walk, lie down, meditate, or pray.  Feel currents of divine light moving through your body, engulfing and dissolving any cloudy areas, any obstacles. As you continue with Alphabiotics, you might notice your “issues” rising to meet you.  Know that the Universe will never give you    more than you can handle at any given time.  So arise and confront the challenges you encounter each day with courage.  Regular Integrations will help you ready for accelerated evolution…so let go and enjoy the ride!


Your Alphabioticist would recommend that you discard any expectations, any desired results, and simply experience the experience.


Is it good to exercise while I’m receiving Integrations? What about Yoga?

Yoda, indeed, was an intrinsic force in young Luke’s life.  He would often…


Yoga, not Yoda!

Sorry.  I think the author needs an Integration at this point, but let’s forge ahead. Physical movement is an important aspect of building wellness and removing toxins from the system.  On the physical plane, movement of any kind increases the flow of oxygen to all parts of the body and speeds the removal of waste products.  On the spiritual plane, some kinds of movement facilitate the movement of spiritual currents within the physical body, bringing the being into greater harmony and balance.  Movement practices that work on both the physical and spiritual planes are optimal, like yoga and t’ai chi, but cardiovascular exercises such as swimming or cycling are very beneficial, as well. All of these practices need to be performed with respect for the body’s limitations, however, as previously discussed.


Should I follow any particular diet?


Many of the toxins that the body eliminates as we receive Integrations or undergo any purification process are toxins from the very foods we eat.  I’m sure any one of us could make a list of the things we eat and immediately cross off 30% of them as things we actually know we shouldn’t eat.  Beyond that, there are foods that might not agree with one’s own constitution.  A healthy substance for one person can easily be a toxin for another.  Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of self-healing, can help you diagnose your own constitution and come up with a diet that will support its optimum balance.  Proper diet, like Alphabiotics, facilitates inner harmony, reflecting in perfect health.  Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing, a book by Dr. Vasant Lad, is a good place to start.


How is it possible to completely avoid stress in my life?

Let’s face it, it’s not.  It is true that stressors of various kinds help to create an out-of-balance state.  However, Alphabiotic Integrations not only allow the body to balance itself and reverse toxic effects, but also, over time, support it in becoming more effectively self -correcting, self -adjusting, and self -evolving. In the meantime, you should treat your emerging health and serenity as you would a new baby – with the awareness that the smallest action or emotional vibration can have a measurable impact on its wellbeing.  In general, do your best to avoid the stressors that are avoidable, and stand on your newfound strength to weather those that are not. One very common sentiment among Alphabiotic recipients is that life takes on a  sense of ease and flow, as if swimming downstream rather than against the current.


What about non-food substances…caffeine, alcohol, food pesticides, cigarettes, prescription &  non-prescription drugs?


All of these are potentially toxic substances, to be avoided as is possible. A cigarette smoker often can’t even hold an Integration for the time it takes to get off the Integration Couch. Likewise, caffeine, alcohol, and the like can leave you with headache or muscle spasms.  Ingesting toxic substances while you’re receiving Integrations will make you feel as if you’re being pulled in two directions at once – and literally, you are!  Although your Alphabioticist would not presume to tell a member to stop taking prescription drugs, some will refrain from giving Integrations to anyone who has ingested such a substance in the foregoing 24 hours.  It makes more sense to look at your Integrations as an opportunity to rid your system of toxins more quickly and effectively. A detox process that might otherwise take months can sometimes be accomplished in conjunction with Integrations in as little as a few days.


What about vitamins or herbal supplements?


If you eat a balanced diet, including whole grains and organic fruits and vegetables, you will probably not need to supplement your nutrition.  Juicing of raw foods is highly recommended. A quality juicer, such as “The Juiceman,”by Jay Kordich is a wonderful investment.  Living in balance will allow your intestinal tract to absorb nutrients from your food without hindrance.  Herbs, natural remedies, and vitamins will not adversely affect your ability to hold your Integrations in any way.  As you maintain an Integrative state, you will find that your health and well being become free of dependency on outside factors.  True health is a reflection of our inner state of harmony.


As a final, but vital observation…until one comes out of this fragmented response that we’ve been discussing, the efficacy of whichever diet, exercise or positive thinking system you may implement will be suppressed. Post Integration, with resources freed up, the efficacy notches up a quantum level.


Is it okay to have surgery or receive other therapies while I’m  receiving Integrations?


Alphabiotics does not replace any form of therapy, nor do Integrations cure any symptoms whatsoever. Alphabiotic Integrations are a spiritual-source reconnect. If you are in a crisis condition, you should see the appropriate therapist.  However, to the extent that your procedure involves pharmaceuticals, please understand those very pharmaceuticals will interfere, to a degree not known, with your Integrations.  In any of the above situations, you will find that Alphabiotic Integrations will restore harmony to a body-mind that has suffered a trauma or insult.


What about environmental and electromagnetic pollution?

Both types of stressors are real and should be avoided to the extent possible. Just as with dietary or substance abuse factors your sensitivity to stressful or toxic elements will be heightened when you first start receiving Integrations.  You should do whatever you can to minimize your exposure to them.  When the natural healing wisdom of your body has strengthened, it becomes free from the effects of accumulated stress.  You will find that your body becomes better able to flush out toxins.


What will happen if I stop getting Integrations for a while, for instance, while I’m on vacation?


It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say that only one Alphabiotic Integration can change the course of your life.  The whole truth is, though, for optimal wellbeing, you need regular Integrations. (Remember the cowlick effect?) The longer  you’ve been receiving Integrations and the more entrenched your new paradigm of bliss and balance becomes, the more slowly will you lose the Integration’s benefits and the more quickly will you respond, from Integrations, when you pick up from where you left off.  Thus, it’s important to make the most of the time that you have available for getting Integrations – receive them regularly, and always search for ways to reduce the stress in your life.  Seek each day to live a healthier lifestyle.


Is Alphabiotics safe?


Yes. Alphabioticists are skilled professionals, meticulously trained and certified by the International Alphabiotic Association. Dr. Smookler has, as of this fifth printing (June 2000) provided the Alphabiotic Integration Process over 70,000 times. Additionally he holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Boston College, has a Doctorate in Chiropractic from The Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, holds an Honorary Doctor of Divinity and is a Certified and Proficiency Rated Developmental Alphabioticist.


Alphabioticists are confirmed and proficiency rated by Alphabiotics International and are required to be members of the International Alphabiotic Association in order to represent themselves as Alphabiotic Practitioners.  Alphabioticists are also confirmed by those who come to them for Alphabiotic help.



Can you tell me a little about the International Alphabiotic Association?


All approved Alphabiotic activities are presided over and governed by The International who receive The Alphabiotic Integration Process agree with the intent and purposes of The International Alphabiotic Association and are bonifide members. Lucky you!


Alphabiotics embraces a philosophy of abundance.  The Integration is intended to be given abundantly to all and that is every Alphabioticist’s desire.  Any sincere person who would like to become a member and participate in Alphabiotics can do so through your local Alphabiotic Center.


Who is eligible to participate in the Alphabiotic Training Program?

The classes are for those who desire to make a difference in their lives, the lives of others, and the world.  A service consciousness, purity of intent, and the highest ethical standards are necessary prerequisites.


Where can I train to become certified as an Alphabioticist?


The Alphabiotic Training program is held year round in Texas.


What will I learn?


In addition to learning the Alphabiotic Integration Process, you will also learn  about the Power within you, brain hemisphere dominance, as well as the latest discoveries regarding the devastating effects of persistent, low-level stress.


The basis of the Alphabiotic approach, which is grounded in bioenergenetic and general relativity physics, quantum mechanics will  be presented.


You will also learn about the hidden cause of failure and why most therapies do not work.  You will experience the magic of maintaining balance, what inner peace really means, and how to make your life work better at every level.


What’s my commitment?


Attendance of four, 4-day intensive (Thursday-Sunday), mastery of Alphabiotic principles and procedures, completion of all educational learning modules between intensives and finally, actual certification with the Alphabiotic Advisory Board. The training offers an honorable profession and the legal and practical ability to provide needed Alphabiotic help to people everywhere.  To contact the International Alphabiotic Association:




Alphabiotics International

P.O. Box 1307

Seguin, TX  78156

Phone:  830-303-4747

Fax:  830-372-5181

E-Mail:   [email protected]

Web site: http//:



Where is Back Bay Alphabiotics located?


The Center is located in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood at 132 Newbury St., between Clarendon and Dartmouth. We are located 11/2 blocks from the Copley T Stop (Green Line) and are also accessible via the Back Bay T Stop (Orange Line). The Center also provides complimentary parking at The Back Bay Garage.


We would love for you to stop by and say hello. We love to answer questions.  Our sincere desire is to demonstrate the effectiveness of Developmental Alphabiotics to those who desire such a demonstration. We are here to assist you in this unique, time-tested way.


We are complete?

We are complete.



A sincere debt of gratitude to Lawrence Feldman, Jeff Smiley, Kurt Brendstrup, Virgil Chrane, Martha Chrane and The International Alphabiotic Association for their contributions.

* Remember as a child, how you felt when you walked through a haunted house at Halloween; that intense focusing on what may happen. That’s being outer-reactive.

** Reference: Letter to Earth, by Elia Wise.