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Transcendental Alphabiotics (TA)

Transcendental Alphabiotics. Humans have the latent ability to slide in and out of various states of consciousness. There are many ways to alter one’s state of consciousness (call it clarity, perspective) – through yoga, meditation, hypnosis, drugs and fasting. Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters of the psychedelic movement of the 1960’s were prematurely anointed […]

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I have been a Developmental Alphabioticist for almost a quarter-century now. It has enabled me a very comfortable lifestyle. It’s definitely not your average McJob, in fact, it’s not a job at all, it is truly a rewarding career. I have had over a dozen of my own clients take the Alphabiotic Professional Training which […]

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Problems and Solutions

“That this is a first is open to debate, yet a reset-and-clear button embedded deep within the brain has been found to shower or clean the limiting information held within the nervous system and immediately shift from your unique problem-set to a solution-set so you do not keep repeating the same sh*t, different day struggle.” […]

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developmental alphabiotics

One word. Plastics. The Graduate (1967) – Developmental Alphabiotics

Developmental Alphabiotics enables the brain and nervous system to be less hard wired, facilitating the expansion of new pathways, options and increased levels of neurologic plasticity; but as long as an individual remains locked in a low level state of shock, the wisdom of the body is continually diverted to address the shock. All other […]

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The New England Alphabiotic Foundation. Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

What exactly is Alphabiotics?   Developmental Alphabiotics {pronounced  Alpha-bee-otics} is a helping system perfect for todays world. It enables people to break free from the restless, outer-reactive, energy wasting state of being caused by the complexity of stress that so characterizes much of everyday life.  Alphabiotics enables us access to levels of wellness, transformation, joy and discovery […]

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