Rope a dope – Alphabiotic rope theory

Rope a dope – Alphabiotic rope theory

Suppose that when you began your life you were able to look ahead.

In a metaphorical way your life was like a beautiful, straight rope – over one hundred years long.

That long, straight rope represented how long you were designed to live.

As you traveled the rope of life you experienced challenges, tests, traumas, disappointments, turmoil and pain.

Each LifeShock that went unresolved, put a twist, kink or knot in the rope of your life, and its overall length was shortened.

Now, you have reached a point where, when you look ahead, your rope is still straight, but much shorter than it once was.

When you look back, you realize that those life situations you experienced have caused the twists, kinks and knots and considerably shortened your rope.

To lengthen the rope of your life, that is now shorter than before, you must retrace back over the knots and kinks.

You must undo the twists and rope shortening armoring that you still carry with you (alphabiotic rope theory).

The good news is that if you maintain a profound state of alphabiotic balance, with your Life power on, the retracing time back is far faster than the time spent in arriving where you are now.

And, it happens automatically. Its a trip well worth taking!

Alphabiotic rope theory - The New England Alphabiotics

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