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Rope a dope – Alphabiotic rope theory

Rope a dope – Alphabiotic rope theory Suppose that when you began your life you were able to look ahead. In a metaphorical way your life was like a beautiful, straight rope – over one hundred years long. That long, straight rope represented how long you were designed to live. As you traveled the rope […]

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Alphabiotics Critics

Alphabiotics Critics In recent years there have emerged various critical articles on the internet about Alphabiotics. When anything new comes on the scene, especially something that really delivers – yet is so almost incomprehensibly simple; it tends to meet with resistance. Anyway, these articles generally fall into two categories. First are the skeptics. Skepticism as a form […]

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Dr. Neal Robert Smookler

Recognized as Massachusetts first Alphabiotic educator and consultant, Dr. Neal Smookler has for the last quarter century pioneered the introduction of Developmental Alphabiotics throughout Boston and New England. After opening Boston’s Flagship Alphabiotic Center on Newbury Street in August 1992, he has maintained three full time Alphabiotic practices in Boston, Wellesley and now Hopkinton, Massachusetts, with […]

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