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Successful brain functioning and learning is dependent upon the proper timing and synchronicity of the brain’s information processing. That is, successful brain functioning requires that the neurological pathways in the brain be well integrated so that all sensory inputs and outputs (i.e. brain processing) can take place quickly and accurately.

But if the routing of information through the brain’s neurological pathways is slowed, blocked or misrouted – then cognitive performance suffers. Even if our sight and auditory organs are working correctly, if our brain’s pathways are not properly integrated and free-flowing, then our brain can have a difficult time with such things as academics, attention, self-control, sensory processing, social relations, spelling, memory, and much more.

Losing one’s brain integration happens more frequently than one would hope. That is, as we grow up we may experience incidents of physical and emotional stress and trauma that trigger a shutdown of some of our neurological pathways.

Consider, for example, what happens if someone experiences “stage fright”; they temporarily lose their brain integration and forget what they were going to say. That’s an example of how a “stressor” can generate a problematic short- term brain pathway blockage. Regrettably, long-term brain pathway blockages can occur as well, usually developing by the age of five and even at birth.

In Alphabiotics we can identify and correct blocked neural brain pathways non-invasively and without drugs (utilizing an integrated protocol involving the body’s balance system and direct muscle biofeedback).

Fortunately, blocked and misrouted neuro-pathways can usually be resolved via the Alphabiotic pineal-brain reset, by freeing up and re-synchronizing the timing of specific pathways within the brain. Then, as the brain’s neuro- logical circuitry become “integrated,” functionality is not only restored, but enhanced,

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Conversations-The New England Alphabiotic Foundation

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