Alphanalogy and Alphabiotics

Alphanalogy and Alphabiotics

The Pineal-Brain Reset; causes the body’s internal clock to stop flashing 12:00 a.m. | defragments our inner computer | opens up the body’s pressure release valve | shifts us from lo-fi to hi-fi | changes the glass lens from gray to rose | makes the switch from analog to digital | shifts the mind from a dial-up to high speed modem| is a rinse cycle for our psyche | flips the relay switch of life | opens the window in a musty psyche.

Alphanalogy-The New England Alphabiotic Foundation

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1 comment on “Alphanalogy and Alphabiotics”

  1. Barb Tocci Reply

    Wow , this was a whole lot of Metaphors! The ‘defrag” sounds like what I could use. Anyone of them would help me. Can’t wait to have this treatment.

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