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Oh No, Coho.

Consider the plight of Atlantic salmon; swimming, leaping and flopping their way upstream to spawn. As they exert themselves at this high rate, levels of cortisol (the body’s primary stress hormone) surge through every body system to help provide energy and drive the fight-or-flight response that keeps them going. If the salmon could stop to […]

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Safety in numbers.

Studies done for the chiropractic profession have indicated a possible association of neck manipulation with a certain kind of stroke, or vertebral artery dissection. The actual incidence of stroke associated with chiropractic, osteopathic or medical neck manipulation is unknown, the occurrence appears to be rare — 1 in 5.85 million manipulations, based on the clinical […]

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Me, Myself and I. Dr. Neal Smookler. Boston, MA. Wellesley, MA. Hopkinton, MA.

Id, Ego, Super-Ego. Foresight, Insight, Hindsight. Higher Self, Self, Lower Self. Beta, Alpha, Delta. Prescient, Parviscient, Nescient. Past, Present, Future. Conscious, Subconscious, Super Conscious… all come into Alphabiotic Integration as well. Dr. Smookler getting his MOJO back with a little help from Dr. Virgil Chrane.  

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Explaining the exact mechanics of this discovery remain uncharted waters. A feature entitled Melancholy Nation, which can be found in the March 1999 U.S. News & World Report may at least get us in the ballpark. Scientists researching a procedure known as rapid-transcranial-magnetic-stimulation (rtms) use a powerful magnet to ‘wake-up’ the brain. Today, the scientific […]

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Reclaim Your Brain: An Interview with Alphabioticist Neal Smookler. BY CAROL BEDROSIAN. September 1, 2006

BY CAROL BEDROSIAN September 1, 2006 Neal Smookler has been an Alphabioticist for close to 15 years, receiving his professional training through Alphabiotics International in Dallas, TX in the early 90’s. Alphabiotics (alpha-bee-otics) is a physics-based, hands-on holistic helping system developed by Dr. Virgil Chrane after several pioneering decades of work in the holistic health […]

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