Initial #Alphabiotic Impressions.

The following impressions have been reported by new alphabiotic participants after their very first alphabiotic ‘refresh’. These impressions have been gathered from roughly one thousand participants.

Lights appearing brighter. *Colors more vivid. * Hearing improved. *Sense of smell enhanced. *Feeling lighter. *Feeling less cumbersome. *Feeling lengthened. *Self talk more positive. *Being more productive. *Feeling clear. *In the drivers seat. *Peaceful and still. *No longer defined by external challenges. *Given a clean slate. *In the moment. *Brain is humming. *Felt like valium. *A sense of hope. *Improved mood. *Brain fog lifted. *Better sleep. *Exuberance. *Hopeful. *Congruence. *Less anxiety. *Warmth. *High or stoned. *Mindful. *Greater creativity. *Energized. *Breathing changes. *Greater synchronicity. *Better outlook. *More surefooted. *Grounded. *Less reactive. *Better flow. *Better choices. *On purpose. *Increased strength. *Empowered. *Happy. *Swagger came back. * Flexibility. *At-ease. *Standing straighter. *Better balance. *More alive.



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