Alphabiotics: The heart wants, what the heart wants.

Our magnificent brain has great power. When most active, in a defensive emergency stand-by; it’s primary mission encompasses Maslow’s base hierarchy; survival, ego, me-me-me!Alphabiotic_heart

Beyond that, it seeks constant stimulation, from coffee to dangerous self destructive behaviors. When we allow this defensive brain to think it’s our primary reality, rather than simply a key part of us – it is difficult to know our true self, our compassion, our love and connection to everyone and everything.

Further, when the brain is focusing enormous amounts of energy outward, self-healing is slowed and at times all but stopped.

In these stressful times, the brain is almost always on some level of alert.

Interestingly, the heart produces five thousand times more electrical energy than the brain.

When the magnificent brain is calmed through the alphabiotic approach, it no longer overpowers the compassionate heart. We move from the constricted path of the head to the expansive path of the heart. We connect with the present moment and tighten our alignment with Source. We feel relaxed, at ease, and taken care of. The heart comes into it’s own. The heart is a doorway to a greater dimension.

Every sacred tradition talks about heart based spirituality.

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