Snap out of it! Alphabiotics. Newbury Street Boston, MA. Wellesley, MA. Hopkinton, MA.

In the movie Moonstruck (1987), there is a classic exchange between Ronny (Nicolas Cage) and Loretta (Cher).

Ronny tells Loretta that he is in love with her after waking up next to each other in bed.

Loretta responds with a double and quite invigorating slap to Ronny’s cheek and quickly tells him to ‘Snap out of it‘.

Thus is the invigorating nature of the alphabiotic method. Like a welcome surprise, the discovery is a dramatic ‘state’ changer.

A wake-up call, and as such, grabs the body’s attention triggering a much needed ‘Snap out of it’.

Alphabiotics is to stress as a drenching bucket of ice-water is to hysteria; as a release is to the submerged cork; as Cher’s invigorating slap to Ronny’s cheek is to well, unrequited love.


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