The Proof is in the Pudding

Taken from the many we receive, the following are a small but representative sample of our participant’s experience.

The idea is straightforward, to reassure people, who feel (understandably) perhaps a bit hesitant about a new ‘thing’ of which they’ve heard little about.

We are ever humbled by the trust our participants place, in our hands, when they bring in their family. It is an awesome privilege, to care for our participant’s loved one’s –  a sacred responsibility that we never take for granted.

They serve as a humbling testament to the unbridled power of our being to overcome negative circumstances given even an inkling of a chance.

The perspective is from that of each individual and do not necessarily reflect the position of The New England Alphabiotic Foundation. All of the individuals below have been cared for solely by Dr. Smookler.

We always use a clients real name and address, never will we use vague initials, generic first names or simply ‘client.’

Each of the experiences below are the intellectual property of The New England Alphabiotic Foundation. Reproduction of which is forbidden.

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Dr. Neal Robert Smookler
January 3, 2006
Updated April 21, 2015


Dennis Devine, mailmanPortsmouth, New Hampshire … “With Dr. Smookler I have finally found the way out of hell from major clinical depression.

Alexandra Bettencourt, homemaker. Pepperell, Massachusetts … “After my first session with Dr. Smookler, everything seemed brighter – trees, colors. People that day commented that I was glowing. I had a permanent smile. It was such a drastic change. I was on three anti-depressant pharmaceuticals. It got so bad, I would go to sleep at night praying that I would not awake. Today, that depression in gone.”

Leslie Lee, hairstylist and homemaker. Narragansett, Rhode Island … “For me, alphabiotics is just effortless. My mood has done a one-eighty. My ‘blues’ are a thing of the past. My PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) ‘symptoms’ are non existent most days. I wake up brighter. Of all the things I have tried – this is it. You just show up, lie down and Neal does his thing. It’s so easy. With my new-found life, I am in the process of trying out for my local Roller Derby League. Dr. Smookler gave me my groove back. It’s groovy!”

Kristie Douglas, writer/graphic designer. Lowell Massachusetts … “Dr. Smookler helped me overcome a dense depression. It restored the true artist in me, and I would say that it even reinvented my creativity.

Name withheld as a privacy request.  …  “I was experiencing serious depression nearly every day. My life seemed to have no meaning and nothing to celebrate. At times I considered ending my life, not to stop the pain only but because I felt I didn’t deserve to live. On the 6th month with more vigorous integrations I experienced a break through. I really felt things changing inside. The depression lifted completely and I no longer thought about suicide. That was months ago. The results have been dramatic and lasting. Alphabiotics has been a blessing to my life and my wife’s.”

Cheryl Wright, energy healer. Cumberland, Rhode Island“Right before the Integration I had a sense of darkness, then – in a split second there was light. I knew a shift had occured.”

Joe Reynolds, ceo … “An undergirding depression has been supplanted by an undergirding joy, well-being. Additionally, a definitive perceptual shift has occurred. A widened perception of all things. An expanded sense of ideas and development.”

Catherine Reynolds, law student. Framingham, Massachusetts …”I needed to do something. I was overwhelmed, frazzled and fried. I tried yoga. I even signed up for a series of massages. Nothing really helped. Alphabiotics did.”

David Clark, senior sexton. Boston, Massachusetts…”Most vitally, for the first time in decades, a sense of hope has surfaced. I cannot overstate this. A major, major shift is that I once again feel hope for my future.”

Janice Reddick, hospitality services, Waltham, Massachusetts“I can’t say enough good things about Alphabiotics. It hasn’t made me a better singer, but it makes me sing. It hasn’t made me a better dancer but I feel like dancing again! I have to control myself in the car when I listen to music after a treatment.”

Stephanie Danforth, nanny. Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massacusetts …”It’s as if the Integration provides me with a clean slate, a new beginning, a fresh page.”  

Dr. Lawrence Wolfe, pediatric oncologist. Newton, Massachusetts “Alphabiotics is irresistable.”

Nancy Sciore, health care director. Natick, Massachusetts“My whole body and brain buzz as if the synapses are firing away and resetting themselves.”

Adrienne Fleming, nanny. Ayer, Massachusetts“Instant valium. I feel ‘liquidy’ after my session”


Glenn Mackay, service administrator. Medford, Massachusetts …”No other helping system I’ve been involved with has done more to shift my mood and outlook as effectively as has Alphabiotics.”

Pamela Wright, jet-setter | yoga instructor. Wellesley, Massachusetts“Alphabiotics has me feeling more eloquent.”

Shannon Jones, classical singer. Portland, Oregon …”This feels like true help. It cuts right to the chase.”

Dr. Caren Eliezer, physician. Watertown, Massachusetts  …”Integrations have made such a profound difference, freeing me to relax into life and just be. What a feeling…simply being!”

Karrie Giaramita, court stenographer. Charlestown, Massachusetts …”Alphabiotics has put the bounce back in my step.

Sylvia Hoetz, self-employed. Watertown, Massachusetts … “I sneeze. I sneeze. And then, I sneeze some more. All in the name of instant alphabiotic detoxication.

Alicia Shambo, interior design. Hopkinton, Massachusetts … “Sessions (with drive time) take up an hour-and-a-half of my day. It’s worth the trip.

Mary Kinneavy, acupuncturist. Boston, Massachusetts … “Your advice and guidance really did change my life and I’m forever grateful. I was just back in Scotland, where 3 friends were enthusiastically talking about their experience with alphabiotics!  It’s an enlightened land.”

Brian Alex, custom love songs. Watertown, Massachusetts … “The day of my appointment I get up thinking holy cow, mother of god (fill in your own exclamatory here) -I am going to the Alphabioticist today!!! One day I left, and I swear I felt like a bowl of J-e-l-l-o.”

Stacey Toth Currie, nanny. Newton, Massachusetts …”My entire being is always looking forward to an Integration days before I actually come in.

Rachael Brandenburg, shiatsu therapist. Somerville, Massachusetts …”I blossom when Integrated.”

Judy Giovangelo, homemaker. Medway, Massachusetts … “I am truly grateful. I wish I had found this years ago.

Nancy Cooper, mom. Natick Massachusetts … “I’m inspired!

Mary Zaino, teacher. Holliston, Massachusetts … “The fog has lifted. I see my life through a new filter / lens.”

Bill Mee, painter. Braintree, Massachusetts …”No more mental static.”

Clint Galvin, truck driver. Leicester, Massachusetts … “Thank you Neal for giving me my life back

Pat Miller, fundraiser. Arlington, Massachusetts …”First Integration – panoramic visual field.”

Greg Wilson, delivery services. Boston, Massachusetts … “I’ve had acupuncture and this blows it away.

Debra Glassman, business broker. Watertown, Massachusetts … “I came to Alphabiotics because of an all consuming physical problem. Today, it no longer defines me. For my son, it has truly changed his whole attitude about himself and his life.”

Keith Brown, smiler. Holliston, Massachusetts … “I distinctly remember driving home after the first session, looking in the rearview mirror and noticing my eyes all glazed over. A pronounced fine tuning in my perception had occurred from an awareness of all things gross (macro) to all things subtle (micro). I remember and feeling as if sensors in my brain-mind (that were always there) were now open and inputed with enhanced information. I am a better person.”

Liz Major,  architect. Milton, Massachusetts …”I am writing to sincerely thank you for last Saturday. I felt like I was at deaths door in the morning, but within minutes of leaving your office after being Aligned, I felt miraculously better! The only way I can think of to describe the feeling is that it was like one of those time-lapse photography films of a seed that is planted, sprouts, grows roots, grows heavenward and blossoms in a matter of minutes. I felt like I was re-emerging from some dank, dark pit back to God’s beautiful creation. Thank you for saving me from what I know would have been days of misery! Billy thanks you, as well. Thank you Neal! and Bless You!”

Bonnie McGrath, photographer. Acton, Massachusetts… “I initially started with Alphabiotics because I hadn’t been sleeping well for decades, perhaps over 45 years ago before my children were born. Now, I sleep deeply, solidly into never-never-land with dreams that are many and hard to remember. What a gift it is to sleep when the body repairs itself the most!”

Melinda Zelenkov, technical writer. Bolton, Massachusetts …”I was very aware that I was in low-level shock, staying in the fight-or-flight syndrome without getting relief from it. After my first session I felt this constant low-level fear and anxiety lift, and I felt joy and relief. I am able to focus on and complete tasks in much less time. My vision improved; I can use my laptop and PC without needing glasses to be able to read the screens. Alphabiotics has helped me release old fears and negative energy on a very deep level, which frees not only my mind but my body to experience more positive energy and joy. I’m living much more in the present. When I encounter something annoying, I react more strongly now, but for a much shorter duration, and right at the time, not later after much rumination. Then the feelings are released and I’m able to feel clear and open to the truth of what’s happening in the moment, which more often than not is peaceful and positive. Before my sessions, I would experience a fluttering sensation in my chest, literally feeling like my heart was skipping a beat. After my treatments, this sensation stopped, and hasn’t returned. These results are long-lasting.”

Ted Waterman, human resources. Jamaica Plain | Boston, Massachusetts … “While it is difficult for me to pin-point where the affects of Alphabiotics have impacted, I notice a difference when too much time passes between Integrations. I have to admit I still don’t have irrefutable evidence to the benefits, but I have deep sense that they have been an important contributer to the re-emergence of my natural and exuberant self.”

Marianne Hennigan, homemaker. Hopkinton, Massachusetts …”Alphabiotics makes me feel like I have never been more me, yet this is a me I have never met before.”

Will Connelly, artist. Beacon Hill | Boston, Massachusetts …”After nine weeks of Integrations, I felt the veil of a life-long depression lift. I didn’t even know I was depressed. I had just always felt that way. I had no other reference. Today, I feel like living unafraid – life is now. I am capable of living life being free to make mistakes without feeling like the world was falling apart.

Jane Wentzell, artist. Belmont, Massachusetts…”I had been searching for years for an answer to my PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). A prevailing, free floating anxiety. NOTHING worked. Alphabiotics just clicked. It’s worked.”

Lila McCain, human resources. Natick, Massachusetts …”It’s a treat that takes the chill out in the winter. I’d like to say hi to Margie.”

Margie Kraljictkal, teller #3. West Towsend, Massachusetts …”A champagne “high”. I’d like to say hi to Lila.”

Doug Gardner, manager. East Boston, Massachusetts …”I feel a million times better.

Patrice Wolfe, senior resource analyst. Providence, Rhode Island…”Mindfulness and empty-mindedness are two sides of the same coin. My mindful awareness is now accelerated, but not in an over stimulated way. It’s as if I feel solid. Like a ball-bearing moving through life smoothly. Oh, and my allergies are negligible now.”


Jaxine Wolfe, kid, age 9. Providence, Rhode Island …”I like it. I notice things in school that I didn’t before.

Douglas Sebastian, Newbury street retail associate. Brighton, Massachusetts … “After approximately two months of Integrations, I came off all anti-anxiety medications (Paxil, Buspar). I also notice the quality and duration of my sleep to have benefited dramatically. On a less tangible note – there’s been a subtle change within me that others have noticed. I know this may sound strange, but one facet of it is that I seem to be more attractive, magnetic to others. I’d guess I’m giving off a different vibe? I’ll keep you updated, but the result is bound to be positive.”

Hannah Stein, parenting coach. Ashland, Massachusetts … “The upside. Alphabiotics lets me see how I want to be in the world. I’ve seen it. I’m experiencing it. The downside. Every visit is guaranteed to mess up your hair-do. Oh well!”

Phoebe McCabe, teacher. South End/Boston, Massachusetts … “I have an increased motivation to write and less fear of writing. The block has been removed. I am better able to access the source of my 
creativity and inspiration.”

Lisa Grossman, psychologist. Kochav Yair, Israel … “After two Integrations it’s as if I got an oil change and new batteries. Really.”

Charlene Sherman, acupuncturist, voiceover artist. Westborough, Massachusetts … “I had been struggling for several years with insomnia and was near the end of my rope. Other healing modalities, such as herbal remedies, offered some occasional relief, but it wasn’t until I tried Alphabiotics that this long pattern of stress and exhaustion was finally cleared.  What a tremendous relief!

Angel Evans, neurobiologist. Los Angeles, California … “Neal is a wonderful Alphabioticist. Don’t miss him.

Manderley MacArthur, alexander technique teacher. Cambridge, Massachusetts … “The weight of clouding impressions has shifted to easier flight of feeling and thought. I had lots of emotional and enviromental shock through all of my growing up. Which remained unprocessed and imbedded itself energetically. All creating cyclical unrest. I experimented with Alphabiotics and session after session the trapped energies began to sift out and be left as experiences in the past – not repeats of the present.”

Charlie Melega, support engineer III. Taunton, Massachusetts … “Alphabiotics has allowed me to live a more productive life. I am able to manage the stress levels of my work and everyday life more efficiently than ever. I have a continual feeling of well being that has “re-energized” my outlook.”

Margo Grace Carr, author. Jamaica Plain | Boston, Massachusetts …”I can breathe again.”

Robin Landsteiner, reiki master teacher | reflexologist. Chelmsford, Massachusetts …”Alphabiotics feels like a window opening and the fresh air flowing in. It has helped release the fear that was imbedded in the pit of my stomach.”

Debra Oakes, horticulturist. Brookline, Massachusetts … “When Integrated I feel my brain being flooded with light, energy and peace. I experience spiritual illumination, guidance, greater intuition and a real sense of being plugged in.”

Marie Piela, neonatal nurse. Back Bay | Boston, Massachusetts…”Upon my first Integration, I felt my Spirit literally open up. I felt dramatically better across the board. Since that time I’ve experienced what can only be called an increased frequency of inner spiritual guidance and synchronistic events.”

Jane Turner, homemaker. Wayland, Massachusetts …”Upon arriving home after my first Alphabiotic Integration, a longtime friend who is a medium (and with whom I shared nothing regarding my visit that day to the Alphabioticist) stated I was in the presence of the Angels (energy) that evening.”

Stephan Dondoros, insurance coordinator. Arlington, Massachusetts …”Expansive sensory enhancement!

Linda Ellis, executive secretary. Whitman, Massachusetts …”My core constitution is inherently stronger, as if it’s been notched up a level. My Calm. Center. Balance. Body Awareness. Confidence. Assertiveness. All have expanded.”

Mari Chambers, legal sales. Back Bay | Boston, Massachusetts …”I really cannot place my finger on why I come for my sessions, but something inside me has all along told me to continue.”

Benjamin Dewey, production manager. Jamaica Plain | Boston, Massachusetts … “Alphabiotics does it for me, in a manner that is immediately felt.”

Suzanne McNeil, musician. Quincy, Massachusetts …”Alphabiotics for me was amazing.  Life was put in perspective in such a calming way.  It was like I went into the center of my being.  It was such a great 

Judy Vadnais, fitness center manager. Danvers, MA … “I was very reluctant and going on blind faith when I started with Alphabiotics. Being totally stressed, burnt, tired and frazzled I placed a call to their Wellesley Center – Neal was genuinely passionate and knowledgeable. Within a short period of time I could not believe the changes that took place – exceeding all expectations.”

Bonnie Britt, senior account manager. South Boston, Massachusetts … “I was scattered in my direction, suffering from loss of confidence. Neal agreed to see me as an “extreme” basket case (my words) on a Friday afternoon. Today, I leave each session more surefooted, in touch with my inner strength and resolve. My confidence has returned.”

Deborah Shammash, certified public accountant and mother of two!  Weston, Massachusetts … “Chronic pain had made my life quite a challenge; basically leaving me exhausted. I had little hope for a brighter future. Thanks to Neal (alphabiotics) daily living is becoming more normal. I have more energy and function better with less medication. My mood and outlook on life have improved so much. I now have hope for a more improved quality of life.”

Marlene Campbell, r.y.s.e. practitioner. Shrewsbury, Massachusetts …”My holistic practitioner does specific testing to determine how my body is releasing stress, when I get Integrated, that test normalizes.”

Laura Criscione, sales associate. Durham, North Carolina …”Although I’ve only known Neal for a short time, he strikes me a having an absolute faith, confidence and belief in what he does. It’s a certain presence and competence that just comes across when you speak with him.”

Lyndsey Watson, singer/songwriter/songleader. Wrentham, Massachusetts … “There are so many modalities out there to assist in bringing us back to harmony and balance. For me, Alphabiotics is the quickest, most efficient way to balance I have ever experienced. After an Integration, and for longer and longer periods of time following one, I feel clearer in my thinking, much more energy, and a greater sense of well-being. My life “flows” better. I am less concerned with the trivial and mundane. I seem to have ceased to worry about anything at all. I am more inclined to make better choices as to what goes into my body through food, drink and energy. The list is endless.

Hunter Holmes, musician. Back Bay | Boston, Massachusetts …”After my first Integration I felt a huge shift. All good things seemed possible. That whole weekend I felt in tune with everyone and everything around me. Almost as if positive energy was pouring out of me and touching everyone I was coming in contact with. I said to myself “I want to be like this everyday.” It’s now four years later and okay so I don’t glow in the dark – but there’s so much other good stuff. Too much to list. That’s why I chose to stay balanced. Alphabiotics seems to help keep my whole body in tune, enabling me to enjoy everything in life at a higher level.

Jeannette Kearney, interior design. Lexington, Massachusetts …”All the while, things were happening! I just could not realize them yet because they changes were oh so subtle and were not happening in a linear fashion. I was moving forward. Yet, I could not see it. The clarity was coming on, not like a ton of bricks, however more like the stealth of a cat.”