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Alphabioti-critique In recent years there have emerged various critical articles on the internet about Alphabiotics. When anything new comes on the scene, especially something that really delivers – yet is so almost incomprehensibly simple; it tends to meet with resistance. Anyway, these articles generally fall into two categories. First are the skeptics. Skepticism as a […]

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Works like a medicine, behaves like a drug

It’s an experience of something new. You either take to it with ease, jump right in and enjoy the ride, or you’re skeptical about every little nuance. That this is a first is open to debate, yet a way has been found to immediately shift consciousness to a subjectively better state. There are many ways […]

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Safety in numbers.

Studies done for the chiropractic profession have indicated a possible association of neck manipulation with a certain kind of stroke, or vertebral artery dissection. The actual incidence of stroke associated with chiropractic, osteopathic or medical neck manipulation is unknown, the occurrence appears to be rare — 1 in 5.85 million manipulations, based on the clinical […]

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Reclaim Your Brain: An Interview with Alphabioticist Neal Smookler. BY CAROL BEDROSIAN. September 1, 2006

BY CAROL BEDROSIAN September 1, 2006 Neal Smookler has been an Alphabioticist for close to 15 years, receiving his professional training through Alphabiotics International in Dallas, TX in the early 90’s. Alphabiotics (alpha-bee-otics) is a physics-based, hands-on holistic helping system developed by Dr. Virgil Chrane after several pioneering decades of work in the holistic health […]

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